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July 04 2017

Kowloon walled city the most densely populated area to ever exist

var imagebase='file://D:/Program Files (x86)/FeedReader/'; Kowloon walled city the most densely populated area to ever exist 14:52 24.01.2015, Maxx, amazing, World Of Technology Kowloon walled city: the most densely populated area to ever exist. 3.2 million people per square mile.

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July 02 2017

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‘Rat Park’ -Stuart McMillen

You’ll never think about drug addiction the same way again after reading this comic.

What I found absolutely impressive and stunning about this comic is the way the artist explained the identification and elimination of the confounding factors in the Rat Park study. This is one of the hardest parts of experiments to explain to the public, and I think it was just brilliantly done.

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Weiblicher Hirschkäfer im Garten heute. *baftz*
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June 30 2017

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Shark finning infographic by ripetungi.


This sounds like a lot, but it’s true. An estimated 100,000,000 sharks per year are killed, threatening many species with endangerment or extinction.

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June 29 2017

ja. naja. oder auch nicht ganz.
die zeit. die zeit...
aber danke.
und grüße.
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June 28 2017

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June 26 2017

a fresh batch
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June 20 2017

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zweites bild des angeschleppten vogelbabys. hinweise zu art, futter und was zu tun, bitte. :/

edit: größe etwa 6 cm

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